It’ You vs You

ChoicesDid you ever meet someone for the first time and like them immediately? You sensed right away that there was something about their style, personality or character that you instantly resonated with. I like when this happens. Occasionally, I have this same experience with phrases that I encounter for the first time. As soon as I see them, I like them because they instantly resonate with me. This occurred last week. I was in the gym and saw a guy wearing a tee shirt with four words printed on the back: IT’S YOU VS YOU

The second I saw it I was in love. (With the words, not the guy!) The phrase is brilliantly succinct, memorable, and true.

As a shrink, I understand the human tendency to place responsibility for our life circumstances on anything or anyone other than ourselves. I see it all the time. But, whether dealing with the life of your business, or the business of life, most of life indeed is “you vs. you.”

Life is not meant to be a daily grind. Rather, it is a series of daily choices that alter the outcome and destiny of your future. The only way to get the future you envision is to take initiative today. Without exception, the instant you choose to take initiative in any endeavor, the “you vs. you” battle begins.

See if you can identify with some of the examples below:

  • It’s your life goals vs. your daily mood.
  • It’s what you need to do today vs. what you want to do today.
  • It’s you shouldering responsibility vs. you shirking responsibility.
  • It’s you chasing your future vs. you avoiding frustration.
  • It’s you “manning up” vs. you making excuses. (Sorry ladies.)
  • It’s you pursuing your dreams vs. you avoiding discouragement.
  • It’s you working hard vs. you hardly working.
  • It’s you wanting success vs. you wanting to avoid struggle.
  • It’s you wanting to grow your business vs. you avoiding growing pains.

You get the point. What are you dealing with today where your attitude and actions will determine your life outcome? May you choose well. It is the first step towards living well and wisely.

Committed to your success,



Download – It’s You vs You (PDF)

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