Does Dr. Barrett invest all of his time in the industry of network marketing?

Dr. Barrett divides his time between three distinct groups: Fortune 500 companies, leaders on Capitol Hill, and those in network marketing. From this rare blend of experience Dr. Barrett teaches entrepreneurs the mindsets and skill sets vital to success. His on-going involvement at the highest levels of the corporate and political worlds, combined with his psychological training, gives him a unique perspective on how to win the battle of focus, how to lead with confidence and how to keep organizations and individuals motivated while attracting great workers and customers.

How did Dr. Barrett get involved in speaking to direct sales businesses?

Dr. Barrett knows first-hand the highs and lows of growing an organization from the ground up. His teaching is geared towards sharing hard-learned principles so that he can shorten your journey to the achievement of your dreams. Rather than participate as a business builder within a specific company, Dr. Barrett has chosen to teach others how to succeed… not just in business, but in life.

Does Dr. Barrett do personal coaching?

Dr. Barrett’s classes are very much like personal coaching without the higher prices. Through these classes, he is able to address specific questions and issues people are facing as they grow their business. This also enables Dr. Barrett to coach not just the business builders, but also their entire organization. This saves time, while accelerating growth and success of the entire team.

Does he speak to small groups or only at large corporate conventions?

Both. While it is common for Dr. Barrett to speak at large corporate events, he is equally comfortable speaking to smaller groups which allows for more personal audience interaction.

What does he do for fun?

Dr. Barrett believes in a work hard, play hard mentality. In his free time he loves to golf, ski, hunt and spend time with his friends and family.